September 3rd, Day 3

Our day three writing prompt is:

"What is your fall fashion must-have??"

Um...could this question be any easier??  Reminder...I'm from Minnesota and I LOVE fall.  I don't know how often I can stress these two points :) my fall fashion must haves include skinny jeans, preferably leggings if I really had to choose...tall boots with leggings or booties with skinny jeans, a chunky and/or comfy sweater, again...preferably both chunky and comfy...and a plaid blanket scarf...if it is cold enough, I do add in a Love Your Melon Beanie, because...again...addicted....

Check out this image, showcasing some of my favorites.  I found this at  Show me some of your favorites!  I am always looking for inspiration...our tees pair amazingly with cardigans too!!

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