September 1st..on September 2nd :)

Marianne Benzen

September 1st. Hello Birthday month! We closed out August with my 7,500th Etsy sale. Not too shabby... our last Saturday of summer include reading in the hammock and an ice cream date with Eli. Migraines prevented me from getting a well overdue girl date for manicures with Natalie, but her grandma and auntie swept in to fill my space.

September is always a huge month of reflection for me. The end of summer, back to school, my birthday, new product launches for the holiday shopping season. I’m not big on New Years resolutions, but I do like to take this time to remember all that I’m grateful for. No regrets. I’m living a life that is best for myself and my family. Nobody else. I have a few close friends, a few close family members and that’s plenty for me. I’m content. I don’t need, nor do I want more. I continue to work on eliminating toxic relationships, because why should I include people in my life that choose to hurt me with their words. It doesn’t matter who they are, that’s not ok.

This last week, I was very sick. The most sick I’ve been in a year. The fluctuation in my drugs for migraines, set me up for a downward spiral. I lost 8 pounds in two days...someone not that long ago, attempted to tell me that I have a problem with my weight. That it bothers me. I exclaimed that my weight does not bother me, it bothers her. I was happy with how I felt and how I looked. She then proceeded to give me a book titled “How to Eat Like a Tree.” Ballsy, right?

So I’m laying in bed this week, literally feeling like I’m dying and I thought about this experience. I thought about my weight and that this must be what she meant when she told me to eat like a tree. Starve yourself, nourish yourself the best you can and then you will lose the weight. What a joke. Like I needed that experience to remind me of what people think I should look like. That was the last thing I should have been thinking about...but it was.

So, what did this experience teach me? The pain isn’t worth it. The toxicity isn’t worth it. My husband always tell me, it’s how we move forward, together as a couple and a family. We are choosing to raise strong children. Children that stand up for others, children that are proud of their body and positivity. At the end of the day, who really wants to eat like a tree anyways???

It’s what we project. What radiates from us. So this month, my birthday month, I’m going to choose kindness. I’m going to choose compassion. I’m going to tell all the girls that they are beautiful. That is how I am going to grow and move forward from this...because I am beautiful and weight is only a number.

What are you reflecting on today? This month? I would love to hear it!!

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