Hey, September, Hey !!

Hello, September!  Hello, birthday month!  Hello, back to school!  Hello, new found focus and determination.  Hello, favorite season!
FALL.  My favorite freakin' season.  I love it.  I live for it.  I am a sweaters and tall boots, scarves and hoodies, kind of girl.  Don't ever confuse me with one of those pumpkin spice lovers though...vanilla lattes, all the way.  Hot coffee year round.
So, let's talk focus.   Obviously, I suck at figuring my shit out in a timely fashion.  Today is September 2nd and I decided this morning to come up with 30 days of writing prompts for the month of September.  I am a day late, I know..but let's do day one and two today.  Then I will share the prompts for the rest of the month.  This will hopefully keep me accountable for a months worth of posts...probably not, but I will try!!
Day 1 What is your favorite part of fall??
-Obviously, this is an easy one.  I am a Minnesota girl.  I live for the changes in seasons.  Especially fall.  The crisp air, the leaves changing and falling, the sound of the leaf blower and the smell of the last mow of the season.  I love the crinkling of leaves under my boots, the cloudy skies, the pink noses...I am a total nerd for fall.  Plus, I get to take out my puffy vest and my Love Your Melon hats...I have one for every outfit color, of course. #nerd
Day 2 What is your favorite fall sport??
-Well, I love football.  Not college football.  I am talking the NFL.  I am a scream at the t.v, shut the windows because the neighbors will be talking kind of football fan.  I love my MN Vikings, but I am a born again Steelers fan and I love me some Seattle Seahawks.  I love football food, well, basically I love any kind of food, but if it is smeared in barbecue sauce, then get in my freakin' belly.  Our family will all gear up in our jerseys, baseball caps and foam fingers.  I am a ginormous Adam Thielen fan...there is talk that we are actually related to him.  My mom's maiden name is Thielen and my Grandma claims that his grandpa or great grandpa or something is related to mine....if this is true, hey, Adam Thielen, give me a call sometime.  We can chat about the crazy.
That's it!  Here is the start to my 30 days of September.  I will be listing the rest below.

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